My Intuitive Painting Adventure – Abstracts

•February 1, 2012 • 4 Comments

In the process of doing my intuitive painting course, I encountered and had to work through some things in myself. The most significant of these was the all- too-familiar “not good enough” voice, and the occasional perfectionism engendered by it. I had to learn that it was really about the process and having fun, learning to approach painting with the openness and wonder of a child. If I happened to like the results, that’s great. I can hang it up and enjoy it. If not, that’s ok, because the benefits were in the act of creating.

All of that said, it has taken me some months to be ready to put some of it out here for others to see.

Although, as a viewer of art I have tended to prefer representational or impressionistic styles, I found that I actually enjoy painting abstracts more. I love the freedom to play with the paints, to experiment. I think some of my most expressive paintings are abstract.

Rain?This one was purely about play and experimentation with technique.

I set out to play with colors, but ended up with a painting that feels very expressive to me.

Taking a very childlike approach, I re-discovered the fun I used to have finger painting, creating textures and patterns in the paint (although I used a brush this time).

Exploring brushing techniques and layering, as well as multiple media (tempera, acrylics, watercolor crayons, metallic marking pens).

Here the object was to express how I felt at the time.



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The Creative Every Day theme for August is “Red”.

I have been doing an intuitive painting thing of late and this image came to me out of the blue one evening. It would not go away until I painted it. I’ve not really seen myself as a “Red” person,  so this surprised me. Maybe this is finally my expression of the “Passion” theme from back in February.

Red Obsession

I’ve been seeing this in different colors, so there may be a series brewing….

Summertime Garden

•August 16, 2011 • 2 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve posted  – too much time spent working in the garden instead of enjoying it.

The first two shots are tigridias. Their blooms have a very unique shape and a very dramatic center.

These malva moschata grow in a pot on top of my fence. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to shoot them from below.

I found myself with camera in hand at the perfect time of the morning to catch sunlight streaming through petals.

While walking past a butterfly bush, I found this obliging butterfly willing to pose for me.

June in my Garden

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Viridifolia tulip

Viridifolia tulip


Japanese maple (Acer palmatum “Ukigumo”)


Columbine “Winky”

Columbine (Aquilegia chrysantha “Yellow Queen”)

Julius, enjoying his garden and modelling his stylish haircut

More Spring Garden Photos

•May 6, 2011 • 1 Comment

No Creative Every Day theme this time, just me following my passion, photographing in the garden.


Locust in morning light


Species Tulip

Red-flowering Currant

Small on Canvas

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Painting on canvas is kind of new for me but I was inspired by the idea (suggested on the Creative Every Day website) of dividing a canvas into sections with a small painting in each.

I used a canvas which already had an abstract background/undercoat (long story…). In the end,  I painted that out in all but four sections. Most of the circles were cut from paper/wallcovering samples, the rest is all acrylic paint. I have mixed feelings about the results, but I enjoyed the challenge and it did give me an idea for future projects.

Small in the Garden

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Last week, I took my camera and the “Small” theme out into my Spring garden.

Some plants (or groupings of plants) make me think of miniature fantasy worlds and I love that. This is moss growing on an old driftwood log in the garden. In the alternate world of my imagination, it is a magical forest.

Here is a close-up of tiny succulents, a different kind of forest.

Some blossoms are really a collection of smaller flowers, like this heather. I love the intricate perfection of it!

Another is daphne odora. Aptly named, it can be smelled from 10′ away. This one I have nicknamed  “Johnny” after the cat for (and over) whom it was planted. I always thank him when it is in bloom.

It’s fun to get right down at ground level for a different view of  lower-growing gardens, like pansies. Water droplets are a bonus.

Pansies are special to me because they remind me of my grandmother, who loved them.